Why is my static site consuming so much bandwidth?

Hi. I have built a very basic site using Publii + Netlify. The site has the basic starter theme and about 50 posts, each containing about 300-500 words of text and no images. The size of each webpage is 13-16kb

I have had only 130 visitors on my website so far but Netlify shows me that about 33 MB of bandwidth has already been consumed. I do not understand where this usage is coming from given each page is less than 20kb in size.

I didnt expect more than a couple MB of bandwidth to be consumed based on my math, so I am shocked to see 33MB of bandwidth being consumed. There isn’t a single image, video, special effect or any fancy font or anything like that used by me except the Google Analytics code I have pasted in the head section

Can someone explain where this 33mb of bandwidth usage is being generated from? (I have directly uploaded my site to Netlify, haven’t used Git)

Can you share your site so we can have a look?


Hi @nzrocker,

I’d personally not consider Google Analytics as a reliable source of truth when it comes to calculate bandwidth:

I’d say 33 MB is pretty low and not something you need to worry about. Even with a daily traffic of about that much, you’re still left with around 99 GB of traffic to spare for the month.