What is using all my bandwidth?

Hello. My website has started to consume a lot of bandwidth in the past week.

Netlify site name: https://gamedevelop.netlify.app
Custom domain name: https://gamedevelop.io/

I’ve recently changed from having all my images and csv files hosted directly on the website, to hosting the images on a cdn and the csv files being google sheets published on google drive. I also added a submission form with a google recaptcha.

I’ve looked at the network usage in my browser, and each page at most uses 0.6 MB. Currently, I’m the only user on the website, based on my third party analytics. I can’t tell from my end what is causing the rampant bandwidth usage.

My site is also built using Gatsby. It started as a Gatsby 2 project, but is now using Gatsby 3.

@jackmelcher Welcome to the Netlify community. Love your handling of the resources page.

You may want to check your analytics code, as it doesn’t seem to be loading for me because of an error.

Also, you may want to load Font Awesome from the CDN rather than include it on each page.

Finally, you might want to profile your page code, because it looks as though nearly half of your fairly large page size is JavaScript.

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Thank you for your reply @gregraven.

I will look into using FontAwesome from their CDN, I didn’t realize it had such a large impact on the page size. The resources pages use a lot of javascript to parse csv files and generate the table views. I haven’t taken the time to make a better implementation of that functionality using React.

The site analytics I use is called GoatCounter. I mainly use it to track site and page visits, and the devices used. The script for it is injected during the build process.

At the time of this reply, the bandwidth usage on my account has stopped at 33GB/100GB, but I will still keep an eye on it.