Weird form behavior (suddenly, has been working for weeks)

It’s a bit weird, I’m using your form handling service for a couple of instances on a site - one of them, and it’s been working exactly as expected for weeks - is suddenly sending a second (and in one case, a 3rd) email, and there’s a matching DB entry in the Admin form system, that corresponds exactly to the email receipt date/time.

It’s exactly like the person went back, and sent the exact same form 2 hours later, then again, 2 hours later. My client, sent one at 12:15p, got the email roughly the same time, I saw the form data in the admin system, then she got a second one at 2:15p, with no additional interaction with the site (and there’s a second matching form entry in the Admin system).


Thanks in advance!


Hey @DannyT,
I agree! Very weird and unintended form behavior. Can you please send the Netlify url and form url (like so we can dig in further?

It appears to have stopped, without any changes. It seems like a background process was doing a resend, like the initial attempt succeeded, but wasn’t being flagged as such, so it was being resent - or maybe one of the two emails set as recipients was bouncing, and it was being scheduled for a resend[?]

I’m a developer/architect, so generally I’m a bit closer to the implementation, i.e., that’s just sort of guess on my part where I don’t have direct access to the code :slight_smile:

I think I can say it wasn’t some kind of inadvertent resend by the end user, especially the case where it was sent multiple times over the course of several hours. Let me see if there’s any issues over the next few days and I’ll get back to you.


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That guess seems reasonable to me. With a form ID and approximate time, we’d be able to dig around in our logs and see if we see that kind of resending happening. So keeping us posted if this happens again sounds great- thanks!

It’s doing it again, let me ask you this: if there’s a bounce from an email address, does your form backend queue it up for a later resend attempt? Assuming so, if there are multiple email recipients, does it resend to just the email that bounced or to both in the recipient list (i.e., creating additional emails to one of the addresses that actually received it)?

Email notifications the fail aren’t queued up to be re-attempted. If it fails due to a bounce, it will remain failed, so there won’t be any duplicate emails. Let me know if that helps.

Hey @DannyT, if you could send your Netlify url and form url (like, we’ll check out the logs on our end!