Website Not Propagating with Custom DNS

Hello! My website is purchased through Namecheap but I use custom nameservers via Netlify.

All of my custom nameservers are properly added to Namecheap, the website is fully propagated, yet I am still receiving the error message ‘This site can’t be reached’.

The website was working just a couple months ago and I never made any changes before it stopped working.

Please help! Thank you!

Hi @JimmyStax90,

Thanks for reaching out! We responded to your helpdesk ticket in regards to this issue. If you could try the change recommended in that ticket and let us know in that ticket if you’re still having issues. Thanks!

Nothing in the article sent or any of the attached articles helped. Everything is set up and has been set up for awhile. It just stopped working randomly. No one changed any settings with Namecheap or Netlify. It just went down.

@JimmyStax90 hi there, it looks like in the helpdesk ticket we recommended updating your nameservers, were you able to try that?

Yes, all the Nameservers were updated.

Hi @JimmyStax90,

Thanks for the follow-up. I’m showing that the ‘old’ Netlify name servers are being used:

host -t ns name server name server name server name server

You’ll want to change the name servers at NameCheap to those mentioned here:

Let us know if you have any questions.

Why is my DNS Panel still showing the old Nameservers? How do we update that? I had no idea there were new nameservers to even change them.

Added and looks to be fully propagated. How long will it take after that?

@JimmyStax90 the correct nameservers are:

you’ll want to update your records and wait for those to propagate.

My website is still not loading after much longer than 48 hours. Please help me figure out what needs to be done. Thank you!

@JimmyStax90 you still need to update your nameservers to the ones listed in my last reply

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My website is still not working and now its becoming a major issue for my companies investors. What is preventing my website from working properly? I updated the Nameservers over 48 hours ago and still nothing is loading. There has to be an internal issue with the company Netlify uses for Nameservers. Please help or have a tech go into my Netlify and fix it for me. Please help. Thank you!

Hi Jimmy, we cannot do this for you. This is not working because you still have the incorrect nameservers on your account.

Please refer to the correct nameservers below:

Please refer to the documentation below.

You are incorrect. I had Namecheap verify multiple times that the Nameservers match what you sent me. Either you are sending me the wrong Nameservers or there is an issue with Please give me a viable solution to fix this or I will have to find an alternative to Netlify. I have been a customer for a long time but this is forcing my company to look into better solutions.

Is someone able to help me find a solution? This is significantly setting back the launch date for my companies project. Please help me figure out why the Nameservers are not working.

Hi @JimmyStax90,

This should be fixed, however, you’d have to change the nameservers to:

Why am I getting another set of Nameservers to change? What happened to the other ones I was told to use? I appreciate a prompt reply as this is going on too long. Thank you!!

We had to re-create the zone for you, and NS1 assigned new nameservers when doing that.