Custom domain DNS changes not recognised

Hi. I acquired a couple of domains from Namecheap 2 days ago and changed DNS settings to the Netlify list. Whois search shows these correctly but when I try to add these as custom domains I get an error saying DNS settings don’t point to Netlify. I’m also unable to ping the domains - address not found. The domains are and .net and the DNS changes were made 48 hours ago. Any ideas?

Hello @Harry_Sinclair, are you trying to configure your domain via external DNS or by delegating your DNS to netlify?

Hi. Thanks for the reply. Not sure what you mean. I’ve just gone to manage your domains at the original registrar and changed the DNS list from their servers to the Netlify list, the same way I’ve done previously when I had no problem. Like I say, a whois query shows that these new servers have been registered ok but then the changes never propagate and if I ping the domain I just get host name not recognised and shows that propagation has not taken place anywhere in the world.

It doesn’t look like you have successfully changed the nameserver on Namecheap. You’ll want to follow the ‘custom DNS’ part of the instructions in the Namecheap docs. If you have issues getting that set, you’ll likely need to contact their support to see if they can help.

Thanks. The name servers were correctly set, as evidenced by whois queries. The problem was that Netlify seems to have changed the method of assigning custom domains to sites. The last time I did it, a couple of weeks ago, once the name servers were changed, it involved going to the site’s settings, then domain settings then assign custom domain. Now it seems you have first to go to domains and add a custom domain then go through the other process. I’ve done that and everything is now ok.

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glad its working now, @Harry_Sinclair.