Website can't go through

Please help me host my site successfully here is my site name: “illustrious-beignet-831391”
When I host it only the header of Home About Services About apears
what might be the problem

Hi @Samuel839 , thanks for the post and welcome.
If possible can you share a repository of your site for me to help with the debugging

Please let me know If I sent the correct file
the name of the folder that has the code of the website I want to host is TTGBusiness its a business website that I what to host

Hi @Samuel839 , thanks for sharing the repository.
First of all you are importing styles.css in your index.html. styles.css does not exist in your repository but rather home.css
Kindly make sure you add all the correct assets for all your pages. For example the code snippet below is the correct way of adding the home.css file in the index.html file.

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="./home.css">


Thank you so much
There is some progress this side from the steps you gave me.


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Hi @Samuel839 , glad to know I was able to help.