I'm unable to see my deployed web page. it was given ERROR 404

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I was trying to publish a one-page site as my project, through the drag-and-drop option. The file containing the html codes were saved with .html extension, while the second file containing the CSS style was saved with the .css extension. Both files were saved in a folder. And when I dragged the folder to the drag and drop box, the system proceed it and said deployed. but no url was given. And when I double-clicked the view option, it gave me ERROR 404! Please help

@codebeta Was your file named index.html?

If not, then that’s your problem, as index.html is the default file, (the one loaded when no other path is specified).

If your filename was something.html, then the file would be loaded by going to yoursite.netlify.app/something

No. But was given an extension of .html
I will have to go back and rename the files.

Many thanks!

As I mentioned if the file has a different name, it can still be viewed, but you would need to access it by name.

Usually you want your main page to be called index.html and then your other pages to be called whatever you would like them accessed by, for example if you had a /contact page you would call it contact.html

OK. But it only loaded and processed the HTML codes. It didn’t execute the CSS codes. How do I save the CSS code so that it can be executed along with the HTML codes?

@codebeta It’s hard to say what your exact issue is as you’ve not linked to what you have, so I can only guess based on your description.

You would do the same as anywhere, make sure your CSS files, (if they’re separate), are uploaded along with the HTML, and that the link tags are specified correctly and have the correct path to the files.

Issue now resolved.
Many thanks.

thanks for coming back and letting us know you resolved your issue! Glad to hear it (: