Deployment succeeded but my webpage does not load css


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as I wrote in title, my website doesn’t load css file.

website url is

I created it with react.

“homepage”: “”,

“devDependencies”: {

"gh-pages": "^2.2.0"



this is my package.json code.

I think I didn’t make url mistake or something but css does not working…

if you need anymore information please leave comment whenever you want

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hi there,

firstly, do you have some kind of redirect happening on your application? I pulled up the URL you provided and I see it gets redirected from to which will affect your paths.

secondly, here is a screenshot from your developer console. I am seeing mixed case here:

Stylesheet vs Stylesheet and CSS vs css. Those two paths are NOT the same on a case sensitive system like ours, so if I were you i’d make sure that sure you standardize everything.

Also, the first link is a relative link with respect to the current directory, and the second is a relative link with respect to the root directory, so you’d want to check that as well.

good luck!

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Thanks so much for your reply! I will do my best to fix the problem!

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It was the problem of styled-components module!

I fix it to 4.4.1

version 5.0.0 maybe would need some other done…


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glad it’s working now! :smiley: