CSS not loading from github

I’m trying to upload my portfolio from github using netlify but the css does not load onto the website. The html and all the images/links work just fine but no css. I’ve looked at other posts that were similar and most of the causes were due to paths that were included in the html file (/path/style.css) but caused issues with netlify. I don’t believe that to be an issue with mine. Any and all recommendations are greatly appreciated. Here is my netlify link: Netlify App and here is my github repo: GitHub - joshuaqian11/Portfolio . Thanks all.

I suspect you’re referring to case sensitivity issues, as Netlify is case sensitive and some people produce their site inconsistently on case-insensitive file systems.

The most common cause of problems is user error, people configuring their builds incorrectly, which appears to be your issue too.

Your build is producing output into dist, but you are deploying src.

Another way to spot this is the case, is because the site is trying to load unprocessed .scss files:

You should check your Build settings and ensure they’re correct.

You almost certainly want to set your Publish directory to dist.

Note: You seem to have a dist folder in your repository despite it being specified in your .gitignore, it’s likely that you committed it prior to adding it to the .gitignore.