After deploy the css doesn´t load completely

Hello I’m new here, hope you are doing great!

I’m writting because I need some help deploying an app. I made an app with vite, reactjs and typescript, when I run the app in local the css it’s working good but after the deploy somethings doesn’t look right, I have tried looking in other posts but with no success, when I download the resources from netlify the css file is there but when I look in the red tab the file is not loaded only js file is there, what could be happening? here are screenshots of the app with the correct styles.

the netlify site name is :
The repo : GitHub - AbelSpecs/PointsShop

The build log is not showing errors when is building and deploying.

Maybe is something with the dist folder?, I tried manual deployment and github deployment.

Thank You.

@AbelSpecs It’s not being caused by Netlify, but by your build.

You can confirm this by running npm run build locally, and then npx serve -s dist to serve the dist folder with a static server.

I can’t advise “why it is happening”, but you should debug your build.

Once you have your npm run build command producing the right output, you can then easily serve it on Netlify.