Website behaves differently using netlify URl vs. external domain

Netlify URL:

Guide followed:

Expected behaviour:

Actual behaviour:

hi there, i see what you are seeing as well.

Taking a look at your developer console

it seems like something about how you are requesting that json file is causing the problem. What happens when you don’t request the json file from

and switch the URL to instead? :thinking:

Good catch! I hasn’t crossed my mind. I wonder why I have never run into this issue with any of the other websites hosted on netlify, some of them quite complex. Since the repo is the ground truth and works both locally and on the netlify deployed site, how can I make sure this doesn’t happen?

It seems that the starter is actually just requesting its own pages so during deployment the netlify domain is put in place of the root of the site. How can I ensure it is not the netlify domain but the custom domain?

Hi, @inbl, this is a questions specific to the static site generator used. We support dozens (hundreds?) of different static site generators and I’m personally an expert in exactly zero of them. I know basics about some of them but Nuxt.js is not in my knowledge base at this time.

Our support team is able to answer questions about Netlify but this is a Nuxt.js question and I honestly don’t know the answer.

I no longer see the error. Did you find the solution? If so, would you be willing to please to share that solution here?