My custom Netlify domain behaves differently than the version


I’m not sure why, but my custom domain I paid for with your service, looks and behaves differently and unexpectedly than the standard app version: and I’m not sure how to address this. It’s not a huge deal, but as I am paying for the custom domain, I’d like for it to look the way I expect. Edit* I would have included screen shots but I am unable to include more than one as I am a new user. And there’s no point in including just one.



hey james, feel free to reply to your own post with another screenshot. version how it should look on mobile device / vertical orientation

Custom domain version (scale on everything is smaller, which effects several media queries) version on mobile in horizontal orientation. The way I want it.

Custom domain horizontal orientation, same mobile device not looking the way i expect

hmm, this is very strange. Are you maybe seeing a version that is cached?

Both look exactly the same to me:

can you try again in an incognito window, just to rule out something being cached?

i also see the same error in both:

I can’t replicate the issue on a desktop browser (inspected both in incognito as well as regular); tried to replicate on several other devices and it only seems to be coming up on my phone (which is where I got the screen shots and posted this ticket) and not affecting any other device. It must be something to do with my phone, settings, cache or something.

So I guess there isn’t any real issue at all :flushed: and I think I just wasted everyone’s time, and I apologize for that!

As far as the erro goes, thanks for bringing that to my attention, I think I should be able to resolve that easily enough.

Thanks for your time and help resolving this issue.

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