Webflow Forms not working on Netlify

Hi! The form submissions for our websites brightsmiles.co.za & glimpsedma.co.za have not been working on Netlify since last Friday, despite having the correct Netlify attributes of “data-netlify=“true””, Can anyone help? What should we do?

PS: Form detection is on.

Hi we need a bit more information to troubleshoot. Can you post your deploy logs and link to the site’s git repo?

Hi, thank you for responding here is a copy of the deploy logs, not too sure how to send them git repo

8:05:00 AM: Starting post processing
8:05:00 AM: Skipping HTML post processing
8:05:00 AM: Post processing - header rules
8:05:00 AM: Post processing - redirect rules
8:05:00 AM: Post processing done
8:05:00 AM: Section completed: postprocessing
8:05:01 AM: Site is live :sparkles:

If you can just post the link of your git repo. It doesn’t even look like the site is connected to the site (shown by the >1s build time)

Hi, not too sure how to acquire a git repo, because these sites were manually deployed.

ah right. what technologies are you using?

We are using Webflow to develop the sites.

Ah right, so you are uploading a zip file to Netlify?

We tried both methods, uploading a zip file and just folders, and neither worked well.

Well, you can’t upload a compiled zip file I don’t think. Can you share you folder tree-structure? I’m not familiar with how webflow bundles but you need to set your public directory as the folder with all the site’s pages in it.

It is this reason which makes working in a continuous integration (git) an essential in troubleshooting.

How do I share a folder tree-structure?
Is it similar to a sitemap?

Yes it’s similar basically something that shows all the directories in your site and where they can be found. I’ll use this to work out if you need to adjust your build settings

Sure, https://glimpsedma.co.za/sitemap.xml

Great now can you tell me where index.html is in the directory?

It’s the second one, in the directory

No as in if I were to navigate to index.html from the root. What folders is it in or is it in the root?

It is not in a folder it is the root

Okay great that helps.
Can you navigate to post processing under build settings. Then activate asset optimization

This will remove the .html extension on every page (try going to https://glimpsedma.co.za/index.html)

Let’s see if that helps

Make sure to redeploy after

Okay, let me try that

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