Webflow form to Netlify form

Hi community!
I made my cool website in Webflow. I have contact form and I have lot of problems with that. My site: https://testeri.netlify.app/

  1. I made my website with contact form
  2. Downloaded the Zip
  3. Uploaded to Netlify
  4. And set like this: Form detection is enabled
  5. Added my mail to Form submission notifications

My form settings in webflow:

When I try to use the contact form it will open another page like this:
Can’t find the page https://testeri.netlify.app/success

What did I wrong please help!

Does your website have a success.html page? I don’t see one, but I could be checking wrong.

Hi! I need to make one?

I mean I dont have different page for that.

The success is in the same page. If I make the action /#, It does not work…

No, but you specified the action as /success, so you need to make it.

Yes, because special characters are not supported.

So what exactly do you have? Mind sharing what you wish to achieve exactly?

I made just normal form contact box in webflow with the basic things like phone number, email and message box. When user send these thinks I want to get them to my email. I’m sorry, I’m just a newbie, but I want to get that working so bad. If I get that working I will be so happy and I will bring here so many users.

Hi, @suomi9. You have not make a new deploy since enabling the forms detection. Please make a new deploy of the site and if that does not resolve the issue, please let us know.

It worked! Thanks Luke you are the best!

Hi, @suomi9. I’m glad this suggestion worked!