Forms not detected


The forms of my new website are not detected even with:

  • data-netlify=“true”
  • action=“/confirmation-inscription.html”
  • method=“POST”

Netlify detects that I have a form on the website (0/100 forms) but the submissions are not received.

I guess that it’s due to the redirection that doesn’t work but I can’t figure how to fix it. Do you have a guess ? Thanks !

The form page:
The redirection page (for the detection): GH Company | Confirmation Inscription

Hi @ThibautS, thanks for the post.
Since you added the action property, I am assuming you want to add a custom success page.
If you want to add a success page after submission, kindly check the Netlify Documentation link below on how to properly set up your form to show a custom success page after form submission if you have not already done so.

In addition also check the link below for Netlify Forms troubleshooting tips.

If if the above does not help, if possible can you share a code snippet of your form for me to help with the debugging.