Form made with WebFlow on Netlify?

We are building our website for our new business venture using Webflow and we are successfull in commiting the exported Webflow files to our Github repo and link it to Netlify. The auto build work fine!

After exporting from Webflow I manually added the data-netlify="true" attribute to the <form> before committing the change to Github. Netlify noticed the tag because we got an email welcoming us to Forms Level 0.

When filling in a test form the submit results in an form error but I have no idea how I can figure out what the actual problem is.

I already checked for the easy error on [Support Guide] Form problems, form debugging, 404 when submitting

Any help would be much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @SvenHjerson! :wave:t2:
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It looks like your form is manually submitting data with a Javascript submit handler. I understand the essence of what Webflow is, but haven’t played with it myself. Do you know what handlers it’s using for the form? Any way you could access / share that javascript code?


Hi Jan and thanks for your reply! I’d gladly share the javascript code but I am not sure where to find it (I am not the most techie … partly why we use Webflow to create our website).

This is the only javascript file in the export:

Oof. Yeah it looks like this may be tricky. I haven’t used Webflow before but I know it’s growing in popularity so probably worth figuring this out.

Did you set the “Form Action URL” in the Webflow UI before exporting the site?


Hi again Jon!

I found a way to get it to work and thought I’d share it here for others who may run into the same issue. The following YouTube video, which is not quite up to date on how to get the Weblow export into Netlify, but the tip to create a separate “Success” page and add an “Action” in Webflow to point to it worked for me:

Thanks @SvenHjerson for sharing the solution, it helped me!