Verify domain ownership via new topic

I’m new to netlify and I’m investigating how to deploy a quarto site using an institutional subdomain. A support guide article told me to create a new topic in order to address the issue I’m seeing. The site name is enchanting-puffpuff-2b245f and we eventually want to move it to The latter is currently on github pages which has an automated system for domain validation. The domain currently fails when trying to add it to my site with “ or one of its subdomains is already managed by Netlify DNS on another team.”

According to the article, I’m supposed to enter a value associated with this support request as a TXT record. Please let me know what that is.

Hi there, thanks for reaching out! We have a slightly different process for institutional subdomains, as we try to enable multiple accounts being able to utilize various subdomains without removing DNS zones from others.

The first stipulation is that your account must be Pro-level or above in order for us to access this setting. If you have a Pro-level account and would like to continue, I’ll actually move this discussion to our ticketing help desk so we can exchange more details there! Let us know!


Hi @charlottechhum. No, we don’t have a Pro-level account because we are just exploring Netlify at this point. Regarding the error message, are you able to let us know which team is managing our organization’s domain/subdomains at netlify?

Hi :wave:t6: I move your query to our helpdesk. The team will follow up there.