Verificaton method on Google Search Console for Netlify subdomain (SEO)

Site name:
So, hello, I have my page hosted on Github pages under GitHub - dresseco/ Lloc web pel nostre projecte de recerca sobre el Fast Fashion. and when I deploy to netlify it works very well.

I’m trying to add the subdomain into Google Search Console, but I don’t know which verification method should I use
I suppose that I can’t use the “Domain” verification as it required DNS verification, and I don’t own a custom domain (neither I can’t afford it)
So, I guess it’ll need to be the URL prefix verification, right?

Well, thank you and have a nice day

Oh also if you wonder if I’ve searched up for other questions here on the forums, yes I’ve done it and all of them use a custom domain…

I suggest using either the HTML file upload or HTML tag method outlined on the Verify your site ownership page

Thank you, it has worked by uploading the HTML file. Have a nice day.

HI @dresseco glad you got your solution! :netliheart: