Verify domain ownership for google search

Hello! I am trying to make my site searchable by Google for my professional life. I have attempted to figure it out on my own, but am not having any luck. My site name is It is built through the R package blogdown, hosted on GitHub, and deployed by netlify. I added an .html google file to the site files, but I think I need to verify the DNS on netlify. I cannot figure this out. I have tried to go through the domains tab on my netlify team page, but I get the following error:
“A DNS zone for this domain already exists under a different account”

When I go to the settings of the site it says “Owned by Toryn Schafer’s team”.

I’m not sure what to do or if this is even the way to go about getting it recognized by a google search.


Hey @toryn727

You cannot add/modified DNS records for (or any site.)

Last time I recall trying to verify ownership of a site with Google, another option was to add a <meta> tag to the your site. This, however, is only going to exist in the pages of, so while it will technically verify your ownership [sic] of it will allow you to verify which is quite possibly what Google want.

A better option for you (especially if this is designed a professional site) is to register a domain name, configure this custom domain on your Netlify site and undertake the verification process on that domain. is available too!

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