Problem with netlify google search console verification

Hi, I created a personal webpage using Netlify but when I search in google the name of the webpage, it does not appear. My netlify site name is

I have read that I need to verify the website with the google search console. I have tried many of the options given in the “Verify your site ownership” google help (Verify your site ownership - Search Console Help). First, I don´t know how to upload the needed files in the webpage. Second, I enter in the site settings, domain management, custom domain but “Check DNS configuration” does not appear. Third, I enter in my team, domains and there is no domain to be selected.

Could you help me with this please?

Thank you so much in advance

Hi @alecasad

As you a attempting to verify a subdomain (it is not possibly for you to verify you might find this helpful:

You would add any verification file to a deploy or redeploy.

This is only if you are using a custom domain

Thank you for your help.

But I am trying to link my account to Google Analytics and I could not do it. I registered to Google Analytics with the same email account and I created the property. When I try to go for the following steps, the tracking info does not appear in my property. So, I am not able to verify my website yet. If any of you have other suggestions or know any step by step tutorial I can follow to achieve my goal it would be amazing. Thanks again

Have you tried looking through the Google Analytics Help?