Google varification failure

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I have just registered my new domain with netlify. When i try to register the new domain on google chrome i get this message

How to fix this issue ?

Hi @Magi

What is the domain?

Have you added the required TXT records required for verification?

I am new so i don’t know where exactely to add txt

It should be asigned automatically since i already purchased it from netlify

In the domains section of the Netlify UI.

Is this the right page ? @hillary

Yes, you add records on that page. Press the “Add new record” button.

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I solved myself can’t thank u enough but i still don’t see my site in the search console why ? @coelmay

That’s a question for Google Search Console team, not Netlify.

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is there anything else to do to get my site online i thought everything will be handeled automaticaly by ur side since i purchased the domain from netlify. Should i add snything to dns record other than txt from google ?

Domain purchasing and SEO have nothing to do with each other. You need to submit the site to Google and if you’re having issues with that, you need to ask Google forums for help.

If you’re having issues adding the required DNS records, that’s something we can help with.

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I managed to add the record but i thought may be i sm missing something else or i may need to add another record ? It is like the site doesn’t exist on the web like before i purchase the domain name not talking about seo

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