Will SEO work for xyz.netlify.app?

Hey, I just wanted to know that will a xyz.netlify.app sub-domain site rank on top page after better SEO ? Cause right now when I search “site: https://xyz.netlify.app” on google it doesn’t show my site but instead netlify.com. So will SEO work for a subdomain site or will google auto reject it?

Yes it should, first go to the search console to submit your website there for index.

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Here is another thread you might find useful on SEO:

I was taking about this. (Attached in image) I got this after i did SEO analysis for my website.

My website doesn’t show up.

Have you submitted your site to Google Search Console? It’s most likely not going to turn up there automatically.

Does it work for subdomain on Netlify? Cuz it shows only for apex domains in the article to set it up.

The site can be indexed but you won’t be able to use any their Google Search Console Tools because you don’t own the apex domain (which is netlify.app).

In order to use the Search Console Tools, you’ll need to use a custom domain for the site. Note, it is not a requirement to register a domain via Netlify or to use Netlify DNS. You can register a domain with any registrar and it will work with your site at Netlify.

To summarize, if you want to use the Google SEO tools, you will need to register a custom domain and assign it to your site.

HI, @Sambhav777. Actually, I was wrong. It turns out the SEO tools can be used for subdomains of netlify.app as well. I learned something new today!