Updates receiving for custom domain and also for netlify domains

Hi Team,

I am hosting my site in Netlify. My domain was javascriptwillrule.netlify.com, after that i have purchased custom domain (javascriptwillrule.com) from NAMECHEAP and pointed the DNS to netlify. Everything is working fine. But when i update the site through github, both the netlify site and my custom site is getting updated with the latest post that i pushed to deploy.

Will it be an issue for google search results, because duplicate domains (both domains contain same data). Please correct my understanding if i am wrong. Also let me know if i have to remove the netlify domain for not showing further updates when i update my site.

Hey @subinedge, we actually recently rolled a feature to address exactly this issue! Long story short, no, it will not be an SEO problem. We add a canonical link tag to the HTTP headers at your Netlify site name saying that the site to index is your custom domain. More on the feature here:

Let us know if we can answer any other questions on this :slight_smile:

Hi @jen,
Thanks for your support. So now i have to add this canonical URL to my head element,
like…, ?
I am using static site generator GATSBY by the way.

Nope, we add the header automatically, you don’t have to do anything- that’s the best part.