Editing Index.html

So I want to edit my site’s index.html file and change some code, how do i do this? I tried putting it on github in a private repository and deploying it, but it doesn’t do anything. How do i do this? EDIT: Apparently, the changes did work, but only for the sub-domain. I go to the custom domain and the changes are not there. It also forgot that i added my custom domain and now says that another site is using it, even though it is MY domain!

hey eclipse, first of all, welcome to netlify and congrats on getting your first site wired up and editing it! good work.

second, lets figure out your domains. Which netlify site is this concerning, and which is the custom domain you are trying to point towards your netlify site?

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Sorry for the trouble, but I actually got it figured out! Somehow, two sites were created, one using the sub-domain name, and the other using up the custom domain. I only thought there was one and don’t know how the other got created, but as soon as i deleted it, the original one that used my custom domain worked completely fine! Thanks for answering so quickly though.

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great! please don’t apologize for solving your own problem - that is always a joy to behold :raised_hands: