Using Netlify to host another websites css


I have a website on another webhost and I would like to host it’s images and css externally can I use NetLify to host the websites css and images? (If I cant I will instantly remove the files I have uploaded) And also I am using the free plan on netlify

Hi @povilasguts - in order to remain in good standing as far as our Terms of Service are concerned, we are super happy to have you host anything legal that you are referring to from html or an app that we are also hosting, but we don’t allow you to simply use our service for storage (there are plenty of other options for that anyway).

See Section 3.1 of our Acceptable Use section in our terms of service, which reads:
“Users may not use the Service as a remote storage server only.”

I hope that clears up any questions!

Hello @perry

I’ve edited the website, but i would still like to use it for hosting files for another website (Does this website break the ToS: I put a website on it, but i havent deleted the remote css files.

As Perry said, if we are hosting the website, we’ll happily host its assets. Otherwise, that is against our terms of service. Doesn’t seem that that site “uses” those resources but provides them to a site hosted on some other service, so I guess your answer is no, please don’t do that.