Host text and image files on Netlify site

Hi all,

I am designing a react application that is intended to be sold to lots (hopefully) of merchants. the core functionality of the application will remain contstant, with elements such as brand colours, fonts, logos and DB connection string being merchant specific.
The design of the application that I am hoping to acheieve is one that allows me to utilise a single codebase for the core application and reference / pull in the merchant specific elements from json file and images that are hosted locally to the published site.
I can’t see an obvious ‘FIle System’ on Netlify, is that at all possible?

Sorry if I misunderstand this, but why would a file system be needed for this? From my understanding, all you wish to do is copy some files and put those on a site. Is that different from how other sites work?

On Netlify, each site generates a folder that we deploy to the CDN. The entire folder will be available on the network as it is, except hidden files and folders (ones starting with .) would not be deployed.