Deploy site with some resources in sibling folder

My site name is :

The app accesses some resources in a sibling folder. I can’t seem to get Netlify to recognize and include the sibling files.

This is my file hierarchy.

It works fine if I run index.html in Firefox, but in netlify the .json files cannot be found. I’ve spent hours researching, and I just know I’m missing something obvious.

Please help…

In the case of the deployment to CDN, Netlify only deploys the files/folders within the folder that you specify as your Publish directory.

If you want files elsewhere in your structure to also be deployed you can move them into the Publish directory.

You could do this by actually moving the files within your repository from the current location into the publish directory (which I presume is set to /webapp/), or by doing the move as part of the build prior to deployment, either with your own custom script or with a mv command within your Build command, (e.g. mv /src/main/resources/json /src/main/webapp/resources/json)