Using ShareX with Netlify

Hey all, I’ve searched around but asking this question anyway for the future when I’m sure others will also have this question.

I want to use my Netlify website to host my ShareX images. ShareX for those uninformed automatically uploads your screenshotted images to domain of your choice. It requires a php script. Is this yet possible?

If not possible (it isn’t), is there any other way to use ShareX with Netlify?


No, there’s no way to upload to Netlify. Netlify can only deploy the entire folder of the website and not individual files.

However, if I may ask, what are you planning to do with it? If it’s image hosting that you need, Netlify is not for that. If you use Netlify for just static hosting without actually having a website, it violates the Terms of Service.

@kyl No, Netlify does not serve PHP files, only static JAMStack content.