Can Netlify Host PHP-Websites

Hey there! I’m wondering if I can host a PHP Website with Netlify! I have a working HTML website already hosted, but I am building a PHP. So, I was wondering if I could host that one too!
Also, does Netlify have a mail server that I can use to send emails from?
I’ve searched the web, and I can’t find a direct answer, hence I’m asking here!

I appreciate any answers I receive, have a lovely day!

No, you can’t host a PHP Website similar to Wordpress on Netlify. If you use PHP to build the static html, you can use PHP during the build process only. Hope that’s clear.

NO, there is no mail server service on Netlify. Netlify has a beta email solution offered at this time: Configure, edit, preview, and trigger emails all in the root of your repo!