Can I use Netlify for file storage only (no html pages)?

I just want to store files at netlify files like images, videos and then I have to load them at my website I am just taking permission to be sure if I am doing right or I am breaking tos?

Hi @ok1

As per 4. Acceptable Use of the Terms of Use Agreement

  1. Any person deemed to be using Netlify solely as a remote storage server will have their account immediately terminated and will have all files associated with their account permanently removed.

So no, what you are asking is not permitted. If you a looking for a CDN, some options might include Cloudfront, KeyCDN, CDN77, among others.

:rofl: I never read that line they are very serious. ok no issues I won’t store.

Btw how about making index.html and 2-3 files for formality then am I at safe side or not?

I’m no legal expert, but I suggest trying to circumvent a legal document in such a manner would render you in breach of said legal document.

I deleted my netlify account leave it.