Use Shopify hosted domain for Netlify hosted code

My website is made in Shopify Liquid theme and is hosted and managed by Shopify. I have designed new website in React Gatsby and hosted it on Netlify . Now I want to use Shopify hosted domain for my Netlify. I have added required Shopify DNS to Netlify and added its nameservers to Shopify.

Issue: Our new website was shown for few minutes and then reverted back to old Shopify website. How can I fix this to get updated code of Netlify on Shopify hosted domain.

Currently I see the apex domain pointing to Shopify.

% dig	3600	IN	A

The www subdomain appears to correctly show records for Netlify

% dig	20	IN	A	20	IN	A

Did you add this A record in and point it to the Shopify IP address? If so, you need to remove it and assign it as a custom domain to your site.

This will completely disconnect the domain from Shopify though. Is this what you want?

I want to add custom domain to my Netlify which is hosted on Shopify.

Do you want me to remove IP address from A record and add custom domain i.e to it?

If you want the domain to work on Netlify, you will need to remove the record that points to Shopify and add the domain to your Netlify site as a custom domain see: Assign a domain to a site