Wish to connect my domain hosted on Netlify to Shopify

We’re a bootstrapped team building a platform.
Unfortunately we only have limited web dev knowledge.

I’ve been putting together the website from whatever information I find online which is easy to understand as a lay-person.

We purchased the domain from GoDaddy and then I had heard about Netlify being a great hosting platform so moved the nameservers to Netlify.
I had anticipated that we’d be able to put together our MVP by building it from scratch so connected my GitHub with netlify and had pushed a simple HTML template on the domain.

Recently learnt that Shopify has some great free templates and we wanted to now connect our existing domain to it.
The steps that were mentioned were changing the CNAME and A records on the hosting platform.

I was unable to find existing CNAME and A records and when I tried creating a new A record I got a error (image attached for reference).

Wish to understand my options and how we can move forward.

I deeply appreciate any help we can get, I’ve always kept high faith in tech communities. :pray:

In my understanding, or say what I would do is to remove the custom domain (in your case: katero.in) from the site settings > domain management > custom domains > options > remove domain for both the primary domain and www.

Then, head over to the Netlify DNS and add the records for shopify or whatever you want.

Let me know if it there’s another error or so.

If i remove the domain for both my primary domain and www won’t i lose my domain as I had transferred my domain management completely to Netlify?

I wish to use katero.in as my domain for the Shopify shop.

No, you won’t lose the domain as you are not removing it from the netlify DNS and rather removing it from your hosted site. Simply, it means you make a website > you get a domain name from netlify.app, you add a custom domain to use that domain instead of netlify domain.

You transferred your domain to netlify DNS, then you added it as a custom domain so netlify automatically added the required records such as ALIAS, A, CNAME, etc. Now you remove the domain from the site and not from the DNS.

So, your site at netlify will be available at [custom-address].netlify.app again and not from katero.in

And, you can remove your site from Netlify DNS, you won’t lose your domain by doing so. If your registrar is Namecheap (say), then you can change the nameservers at any time from namecheap dashboard under DNS. You can even point it to default namecheap nameservers for using Namecheap DNS.

I hope I didn’t confuse ya’ here.

I can explain better if you need screenshots.
I cannot include those now as I am answering from mobile today.

Hi, @idkohli. There are a couple of different options. Which is best only you can say.

First, you don’t have to use Netlify DNS to host sites at Netlify using your domain. External DNS is always an options. You can keep your DNs service with your registrar and use these instructions instead:

However, you can also use Netlify DNS and point domains to other services. This would be the second option.

For example, I believe the Shopify DNS instructions can be found here:

They give instructions for making A records and CNAME records on the page above. You can follow those directions and create those records with Netlify DNS. This will point those domains to the Shopify site just like they will with any other DNS service. Netlify DNS will behave just like any other DNS service in this respect.

If you are having difficulty making DNS records, please let us know what records you are trying to make and we will send instructions for how to create them with our service.