Connect my domain to Shopify

Hello I would like to connect my domain to Shopify.

  • netlify site name.
  • DNS issues? it says CANNOT CREATE A or AAA record while NETLIFY record exist.

Hi @AnaMousavi :wave:t6: ,

Welcome to the forums. Can you please give this post a read and see if Luke solution may help?

Hello thank you for your reply.

I would like to change the nameserver to my Shopify Website, The dns recorda are :slight_smile:
Cname =

Hi @AnaMousavi,

The domain is not purchased through Netlify. So you can simply revert your nameservers to registrar’s defaults and point to Shopify from there.

If you insist on using Netlify DNS, which we don’t recommend for this setup, you can delete the DNS records with NETLIFY type and proceed.

NOTE: Both ways would take your website offline on Netlify.