Upload to CDN - Very Slow / No Status Return

Howdy Netlify friends!

Not sure if anyone else is experiencing an issue with the site uploads today. Have been trying to publish recent changes to our site today, 3 separate publish timeouts. Usually only takes a few minutes for about 1500 files but we have been canceling the uploads about after 45 mins a piece. Not sure if there is a service degradation today.

E.g our Deployment ID:
Can DM :slight_smile:

UI states each time:

Creating deploy upload records

CLI stats:

- CDN diffing files...
✔ CDN requesting 1500 files
- Uploading 1545 files

Any ideas?



Netlify edge has been down for nearly 2 hours already. Status page says: operational. Totally bs.

Ouch I am guessing that is the CDN most of us is on?

Looks like it is picking back up for us now. Hope you are seeing a recovery also!

Just to note, I’m not sure how and why Edge is being blamed here. I can see you are frustrated @osseonews, but posting your frustration in a random, unrelated thread is probably not a good idea.

@ravi.lachhman, I can see you also have a thread in the helpdesk. Do you wish to continue the discussion here or there?

I apologize if you think this is unrelated. But, perhaps you are unaware that **Netlify’s Edge CDN ** in certain regions has been down repeatedly for 10 days. This user was inquiring about issues with a CDN. So I let him know that Netlify’s Edge CDN has been down. How is it that a question about a CDN and an answer about a CDN unrelated exactly?

Apparently, Netlify uses the term Edge for many things, like Edge CDN, Edge Network and Edge Functions. This is unfortunate, as it seems to mix people up, including Netlify Support. But, to clarify: if a CDN is down, it is probably an Edge CDN or Edge Network. This has nothing to do with Edge Functions, apparently. Though, I’m guess Edge Functions are hosted on an Edge CDN, so in a sense they are related. Who knows.

Hey @osseonews,

This thread was about uploading the files to Netlify, which gets uploaded to Netlify’s origin server and not CDN (not a detail we expect users to know). But in any case, since the issues that you are talking about, mention site browsing as a problem, I’m not sure why you think uploading a site to Netlify is related to that.

Just because the title included the word CDN, you assumed it’s the same issue, is what I feel. I might be wrong, so feel free to let me know if you disagree.

Continues to happen to all intermittently. The (Origin) upload [guess requested by the CDN] doesn’t provide us any status. Any sort of rate limiting or intrusion detection going on that would block upload requests?

Deploying to main site URL...

- Hashing files...

✔ Finished hashing 

- CDN diffing files...

✔ CDN requesting 1600 files

- Uploading 1600 files

In the corresponding Netlify UI, the uploading step seems to just hang each time there is a failure.

Thanks for any insights!

Anything that would be blocked should return an error and not be stuck for an entire eternity. So, I would hope it’s nothing of that sort. But like mentioned in the helpdesk, feel free to try a different device/network and report back.