Updating a site on Netlify

I have been loading a site to Netlify using Github. this as been giving me lots of problems therefore I dicided to update the site direct using netlify but I get this message. “Another site is already using this domain” error trying to set custom domain “www.notts-minileague.co.uk” on site “idyllic-youtiao-1ab499”, Support info: 2ee03607-88da-484b-823d-e78c27f842af.
What do I need to do to replace the orginale site with my updated one.

Hi @Bobin

notts-minileague.co.uk is connected to nottsminileague.netlify.com. If you own this site, remove the domain from it then connect it to the new site.

Do also note notts-minileague.co.uk is not configured as per the Configure external DNS for a custom domain | Netlify Docs documentation.

Hi Coelmay
Thank you for your reply I can now see ligth at the end of a long dark tunnel I am an 78 year old novise with a vertical learning curve. Please tell me how to remove the domain and how to configure the DNS. sorry for being so thick!! yes I do own the site

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Adding/removing domain

From the Netlify dashboard, select the site with the domain attached to it (nottsminileague.) Under Site settings → Domain management → Domains remove domain from the Custom domains section.

If the new site is part of the same account the add this domain to the new site in the same place as above.

DNS configuration

As per the aforementioned documentation, the A record for the domain apex notts-minileague.co.uk should point to unless they support ALIAS, ANAME or flattened CNAME in which case you would use apex-loadbalancer.netlify.com.

You will need to change the CNAME record for the www subdomain when you configure the custom domain on the new site to the value of the new site.

the site is not showing on my dashboard. I built the site and a few years ago someone who was helping to run the site set it all up. Does that mean that he will own the site and have it on his dashboard. Or can I find it else where

Quite likely.

If you have access to the DNS records for notts-minileague.co.uk you can follow the steps in the following support guide and Netlify Support can release the domain from the current site so you can use it

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Thank you for the awesome instructions here, @coelmay! @Bobin, let us know if you have further questions.

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Thank you every one things are now working correctly The person who had the site on his dashboard contacted me and he removed it so I was able to up load the updated site this morning. A comment was made in an earlier message to where the DNS configuration is pointing do I still need to change this if so why ?

Does this mean you change the site name from idyllic-youtiao-1ab499 to nottsminileague (I see the former is no longer accessible now.)

Assume the above is correct, the CNAME record for the www subdomain is correctly configured. However the apex (or root/bare) domain isn’t. Currently the A record is pointing to an incorrect IP address

$ dig notts-minileague.co.uk
notts-minileague.co.uk.	14400	IN	A

The correct IP address (as previously stated) is (see previously linked documentation.)

Yes i changed the name this morning assuming it was just on my computor and did not affect any thing. But it is still the same site. Is that OK. I have just realised that the Cname is the domain name do I need to change this to notts-minileague ( with the - included) or is it ok.
The A record is the hosts IP address rather than what I think maybe my IP address. How do I change this do I have to go the who holds the domain name and change it there.

Sorry for being thick

I have just been on TSO and changed the A record to so I hope all is correct now. This is a super learning curve. Thank you for you patience.

Hey there, @Bobin :wave:

Thanks for confirming the A record is set correctly! And thank you @coelmay for your awesome explanations!

Let us know if you have any related questions in the future.