Upcoming changes to Netlify plans

This would be a great solution.

We remember that the previous pricing plans were like this.

Yeah, I don’t see this changing either, especially as vercel has implemented a similar seat-per-contributor system as well (I suspect other providers that offer similar “bells and whistles” will be doing a similar thing). I just wish Netlify would have one clear and concise communication about the timeline that isn’t countermanded within a few days or hours and own up that it’s not a handful of accounts that were affected but that every customer that has this kind of integration that has been affected, and as far as I can tell, no one has been appropriately notified. We still have other teams that haven’t received a single email about this.

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Hey there @cosmicneil - and for anyone else following along, I just wanted to confirm that anyone who we talked to via email about this (most of you we reached out to you by sending you an email, the rest of you we contacted via email from the helpdesk) is guaranteed to have the 30day pause on this feature before reactivation that we mentioned. We are absolutely going to keep that promise; that has been explicitly confirmed with our leadership team.

A point of information: what exactly is a “Committer”. Pre GitHub days in Open source at least (not sure about inner source etc) a committer was generally a core team member who could submit changes to the core code base. Everyone else was a “contributor”. Simples.

Now With GitHub people can submit PRs with commits in a non critical or even non repo branch. People submitting PRs from external Forked repos are clearly contributoes and not comitters as far as the repo in question is concerned. But others with restricted repo access may be allowed to commit to non critical paths only. I’d call them contributors with extra prviledges but expect they’d fall under your definition of committer (perhaps AKA github team member).


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thanks slim, that is part of the conversation we are having.

we’re going to get some news out to you as soon as possible (trust that the support team has been very hopeful this will come today, but it is looking like early next week)

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@perry I presume there hasn’t been any news yet?


we hope to have some updates out very soon - I can’t say exactly when - still bubblin’ - but soon. I can promise soon if i can’t say exactly which day.

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Do we have any news on this topic?


Hi there, we have just released some more information about pricing changes.

here is a thread with a link to our blog:

In order to keep conversation all in one place, please continue the discussion there.