Unexpected "deploy request" email when nothing changed

My site is flamboyant-mcnulty-2f7b77

This is deployed through a branch of my repo at bitbucket. That is, I just merge a branch into the “production” branch and it deploys.

I’ve been doing that successfully a number of times recently. The last time was 3 days ago. Today, however, when I did the exact same thing, I got an email from Netlify that says “You’ve received a deploy request on your site flamboyant-mcnulty-2f7b77 from a Git contributor without a Netlify team member account.”

Why did that suddenly happen? I looked around and can’t figure out what is different. In the deploy details for both the build today and the one three days ago I see the same thing.

Hi there Paul, thanks for asking.

A few months ago we started announcing that we are going to be handling git contributions differently and today the final code to change some behaviours went live. Basically, for git repos that are a.) private and b.) more than 6 people contribute, things will be billed differently. You can read more here.

Can i ask how many people you have in that team? If you have less than 7 contributors nothing should change for you.
Did you receive any of our emails to any of the email addresses associated with your Netlify account? It might have gone to your billing email.

I’m the only contributor. I do receive emails but I didn’t see one announcing that change.

I was just wondering why this started all of a sudden and whether I should be worried, but I understand now. All my deploys will be through that bitbucket account so I hope that account is now registered and I won’t need to authorize it each time.

I do think it would be useful if anyone else merges into that branch to have to approve it.


you can opt in to get those git commits auto approved - that setting should be off in the beginning so people with larger teams don’t get unexpected bills - but if for some reason it keeps nagging you after you have set auto approvals to on in the UI, please do let us know as that is would be something non-standard we’d want to investigate.

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