Understanding build minute charges - do they reset every month?


I slightly exceeded the number of minutes of builds. Does this counter reset every month or would I have to pay every month to continue my builds first $ 19, then later I move on to the next build?

Thank you.

The counter resets every month back to 0. The month is not same as calendar month, it’s your billing month.

For the moment I am a starter which is free to him. The last build mentions 319/800 while the starter goes up to 300.

This is exceptional but I would like to know if I can keep the starter and just pay the $ 7.00?

Here is what is displayed on my screen for more details:

Team plan

  • Starter team plan Effective from Jan 31, 2019

    • 738 MB / 100 GB bandwidth
    • 319 / 300 build minutes
    • (Oct 5 to Nov 5)


  • Build minutes


Breakdown of service for the current billing period (subscription fees will be prorated appropriately in your receipt):

  • Oct 20 to Nov 5: Build minutes ($0.00/month)
  • 8:00 AM: Build minutes extra usage package ($7.00)

Learn more about plans on the pricing page

Change plan

Yeah, that’s what happens. You’re not charged for build minutes as a recurring payment. You are only charged when you go over the limit.