Does the free plan reset automatically?

Hello, my name is Mateusz!
The offer says that the free plan includes 100gb a month of bandwidth and 300 minutes of build. My free plan has not been reset since January. Should it automatically reset every month?
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It should reset automatically for every billing period. If it hasn’t for that long be sure that one of the good people from Netlify will respond with something conclusive as to why. It is not something you should worry about.

Hi @Artist230590! Welcome to netlify forums.

I can confirm that your usage resets to zero every month for both bandwidth usage and build minutes usage.

We do have a build minutes insights page here in our UI that shows your usage last month compared to this month: Netlify App

We don’t yet have an insights page for bandwidth, sadly. Hopefully soon!

I hope that helps! If there are other questions or concerns, please reply and we’ll be happy to answer.

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