Build minutes suddenly passed the free tier threshold without any builds


I have a couple of sites on Netlify. You can use this link to refer to all my other sites: Netlify App

Until about an hour back, I noticed that I had used up 299 of the 300 free build minutes. Today is Feb 28 and so I was relieved that I won’t have to pay the upgrade for the this month because I wasn’t planning on building any site today.

But few minutes back, I got an email for the charge of $7 for the Feb 1 to Mar 1 billing cycle, and now I see my build usage to be 301 minutes!

I wish I had taken a screenshot when it said 299 minutes. Can you please help out here? Is it some software glitch?

You can see that my last builds were yesterday (Feb 27) and I had not crossed the 300 minutes threshold as of today morning.

It would suck to pay up $7 when I was planning to not use a minute over 300.

Help please. All my website builds are for free and open source projects and I am not making any earning out of those.

Did you know you can apply for the Netlify open source plan?

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I wasn’t aware! I will take a look at that.

I was once again looking through the build logs and this build happened at 6:12am EST (around the time when I clicked on Stop Auto Publishing button on my site): Netlify App

It’s ironic if that action triggered that deploy because I certainly pressed that button to prevent any further deploys.

Can you please provide a one-time courtesy refund of that charge for the large month? In the mean time, I will follow the process to see if my sites get approved for open source plan.

From my build log summary:

About 240 minutes of the 300 minutes were used for my open source projects:

The 64 minutes were used for my personal non-commercial blog

I’m not part of the Netlify staff. I’ve escalated this topic so someone will assist you, thanks for your patience.

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hey there,

how strange! i have moved your request to our helpdesk so someone can discuss this with you. We’ll reach out via email as soon as we have a support engineer available to look at your circumstances. Do know we are a bit short staffed at the moment, so it may take a few days, but i am sure we will get things figured out.

Thank you @tomrutgers . I did qualify for the Netlify OSS plan and that took care of this issue.


Excellent! Glad to be of help

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