Netlify newbie here. How to hard-set build time?

Hi Netlify,

Netlify newbie here.

I ran into some build time over-usage I never had never incurred before. thought the minute build was stopped at 300mins by default. Is there a way for me to hard-set the build time limit? I can’t find a way to block builds above this time through the user interface.

I took a look at the invoice and I don’t see this fee is calculated or how much was I over the current plan.

My case number is 54673

I contacted billing support and I was directed to this forum.

I would appreciate it if we could find a resolution to waive this fee as a one-time courtesy?

Thank you!

A official support member would be replying to that, but from what I know, I’d say, don’t keep high hopes. Netlify allows refunds when it’s an error on its end, not otherwise.

About the hard-limiting, no, you can’t set a limit. You need to keep a check and I think Netlify even sends time-to-time reminders about the usage.

Hi, @aznric3boi. I did reply to your support ticket (# 54673) just now.

To answer about if there is a way to limit the team stop using services when the free limits are passed, no - that is not possible currently but we do have an open feature request for this to be possible.

If there are other questions, please reply to the support ticket and we will be happy to answer.

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@luke Thanks. Is there a feature ticket I can follow on this or does netlify not plan on supporting this anytime in the future?

Hi, @aznric3boi. The issue is filed internally so there is no public tracker for it. However, we will email you at the ticket email address and post a reply here if this becomes available.