Netlify's flawed automatic billing system

I was getting close to the day in which my build minutes renewed and was at 299 used minutes of my allowed 300. I figured that I would do one last deployment, thinking that if it takes longer than 1 minute, the deploy would abort and I would be prompted to upgrade my account.

This was not the case - I was then emailed saying that I have been billed for more minutes even though no payment info had been stored. Considering the standard practice for subscription services (in tech and other industries) is to ask for pre-payment, you could imagine my shock.

Netlify, please, if you’re going to use a non-standard subscription billing scheme, make it clear!!!
It’s not the first time I’ve seen this in the forums, and generally you provide a good service, but it makes it difficult not to start researching and recommending other platforms when it feels like a “money grab”.

Better yet, switch to the standard subscription billing model!

Hi, I believe this matter was resolved in the helpdesk ticket # 182637. If that is not the case or if there are any other questions, please reply here anytime.