Unexpected billing for builds

Hello, I maintain several small and very large open source projects on GitHub. Some of these have been hosted on Netlify over the past 7-8 years without any trouble.

We only have two sites remaining on the Netlify platform that has their root domain content served by Netlify and both of these have always been built ourselves using netlify-cli with GitHub Actions (and for quite some time, our own patched version of netlify-cli due to critical malware dependency vulnerabilities - CVE-2021-23567 and the likes) - so we never (usually?) incur build minutes on Netlify.

A couple of days ago I unexpectly receieved an email that our plan had gone over the free plan, which was a little confusing as we use GitHub Actions to deploy all of our automated dependency builds, so our build minutes should have been zero.

After some investigation, it appears that Netlify builds had been mistakenly unstopped at some point and unbeknownst to us, Netlify was continuing to duplicate our GitHub Actions builds to one of our sites. The builds were immediately stopped to rectify this issue, but it had already gone slightly over 300 minutes by the point the email was seen. What is the best step to proceed with this?

Hey there! We can help with this. Iā€™d be happy to forgive the charge as a courtesy. Can you let me know what your account is (slug, site, or email)?

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Hi Charlotte,

Our team slug is wopian

Great, thanks for that information! I have removed the charge for you, and your account should function as normal again. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!