[Asked Frequently] I have a question about my bill

If you have a question about a charge from Netlify, you’ve come to the right place. We are happy to assist!

First, we have some excellent docs that cover general billing questions. You can check out how our billing works here and read through our Billing FAQs here. If you have a question that is specifically about build minutes charges, this Q&A list is more relevant to those charges.

If you have already been charged and have a question about a specific charge, you can contact us via this button in your Payment history:

You can find this page with the link on your team’s billing page, something like: https://app.netlify.com/teams/{your team name}/settings/billing#payment-history

If you have a billing question but have not yet been charged, please open a new topic here in the Admin section in our forums. In your post, please state you have a billing question and want to escalate it to Netlify’s Customer Support team. This way, we can open a ticket for you at our help desk and answer your questions there privately. You’ll want to have your relevant customer information on hand so we can assist you promptly.