Extra build minutes


My account will be charge for extra build minutes.

Most of the time, the same commit pushed trigger 2 build. So actually I only use half of timed build.

Can we make something ? I tried to stop building the app but it counted me extra build minutes.

Thanks a lot !

Hey @matcham,

Ensure you stop builds if you don’t want to be billed.

Then, you should definitely look in to the reason why 2 builds are being triggered when you commit – there’s an error in your workflow. I’d suspect something like duplicate hooks.

Ok thanks @Pie

Can I switch from being bill for extra minute to pro plan instead ?

Hey there,

Absolutely! Feel free to upgrade any time. Usually, if you haven’t yet been billed for extra build minutes, our system will acknowledge this on-the-fly. However, if there’s any issues with billing on the Pro plan, you can raise a ticket and we can take care of things! :+1:


Pretty nice !

Thanks for this information.

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