Questions on Build Minutes billing

Hi, I received my first email on Build Minutes this morning (titled ‘Reminder: Build Minutes charges’). I had a look and saw that my build minutes were exceeding the 300 minutes given in the Starter Plan. I have now made some changes so that the build minutes are reduced.

In my dashboard, it says:

Your team has used 3,156 build minutes this billing period (Nov 24 to Dec 24)

In the email I received this morning, it says:

This December billing period is the first time you may see charges for build minutes. You will receive triggered emails as you use 50% and 75% of the allotted build minutes in your plan, so you’ll never be surprised.

I’d like to ask two questions please:

  • Does ‘December billing period’ refer to my current billing period of Nov 24 to Dec 24?
  • If it does, will I be charged for the 3,156 build minutes used? Before this morning, I have not received any emails on the new Build Minutes pricing scheme. I also have not received any triggered emails on use of 50% or 75% of allotted build minutes in my plan.

Thanks for your help,

December billing period is the one that starts in december; you will not be charged for those existing minutes.

We had attempted to send out reminders to everyone likely to be affected by this back in October, but did not send to people who’d hit unsubscribe on a prior email from us, so that is I’m guessing why you didn’t get another message about this back on 2 Oct (which is when we started charging new customers, but gave existing customers 3 months grace period).

If you don’t remember unsubscribing, let me know and I can look it up for you tomorrow to see if I can understand why you didn’t get the earlier message.

Thank you for the reply Chris. I think I might have unsubscribed a while back. I have just had a look through my general User settings and would like to confirm if I am unscubscribed, and if I am, reverse it for billing/admin related messages as I would like to receive those. I can’t find anything related to email notification subscriptions in both my User settings or each Website settings page. Are my email notification subscriptions something I can view and change or is it something I need to contact Netlify support for?

There is no way for you to configure those notifications separately; we pledge to send out all of those kinds of communications to ALL customers in the future - it was an oversight that this didn’t happen back in October but we have repaired our playbook for future sends :slight_smile:

Ok, thank you Chris.

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