Unable to update auto renew error - 20 days

Hi, my domain expired less than 20 days ago and the renew button is throwing this error: “unable to update”. The other forums address longer periods of time, can someone please help me work out why this error is being thrown now?

Netlify: eloquent-feynman-2d562f - (https://app.netlify.com/sites/eloquent-feynman-2d562f)
Custom domain: teresastrous.com

I can see from other support forum posts that I need to use Name.com but how can I keep my domain.

Thanks in advance!

hi @unique -

do you have a credit card on your Netlify account? If yes, we are probably able to charge you for the domain renewal.

Hi @perry,
Thanks for the suggestion. It did already have a working card listed, and I just re added and tried the button again to no advantage. What else can I try?


Hi, @unique, we have emailed you about this to get your approval to process the renewal and charge the card on file.

Please reply here if you don’t see that email from us.

Hi @luke, thanks so much. I have replied to the email to confirm but will do so here too. I give you permission to set up auto payments / proceed with the renewal.