Unable to update auto renew my domain


I’ve been trying to renew my expired domain but i keep getting the error “unable to update auto renew.” Is someone able to help out with this please?


Hi, @fuschiapear, and welcome to our Netlify community site.

I believe I have found the domain name in question which was registered until Oct 23, 2019. This is the date when it expired. This is over 77 days ago (and that number is important - more below).

There is a long explanation below but let me cut to the chase. This domain is now unregistered. Please delete the DNS Zone configuration from your Netlify account and then you can re-register it with us (or any other domain registration service or domain registrar).

Now the details.

Netlify isn’t a registrar; we are a reseller using an API provided by Name.com - who is the registrar.

When a domain expires, for the approximately the next 30 days it can almost always be renewed if you are willing to pay the renewal fee. This is during the “auto-renew grace period”. During this time, we at Netlify can handle this for you.

We can also transfer your registered domains to your direct control at Name.com at any time - “registered” meaning, in this case, only if they are renewed/active.

Once the domain enters the “redemption grace period”, we at Netlify cannot renew it any longer. (Again, this happens approximately 30 days after it expires.)

Once in the redemption grace period, you might be able to contact Name.com and recover the domain name and the charges for doing so will almost certainly be higher than in the auto-renew grace period.

There is more information about this here:


After the redemption grace period, the name reaches the pending delete stage. Once at this stage there is no guaranteed way to renew the domain before someone else does so. (If no one else registers the domain, you will be able to do so again eventually.)

Name.com also has a process for pending delete stage domain names:

https://www.name.com/support/articles/205244088-Backorder-basics (<- the 77 days is mentioned here)

Finally, once the pending delete stage ends, the domain is simply an unregistered domain. At that point it is no different from any other unregistered domain. Anyone can now register it with any registrar that supports registrations for the top-level domain in question (like .net, .com, .org).

I believe that is the case with the domain here. I believe it is now past the pending delete stage.

If you delete the domain configuration from Netlify DNS, you will be able to register it again using our Netlify app (or any other method of registration or domain registrar).

To be clear, you don’t have to register the domain using Netlify, to use it with our service either. Almost without limitation (there are exceptions), any domain can be used with a Netlify site and enable Netlify DNS regardless of who the registrar for the domain is.

To summarize, you can register the domain again now if you want to. I’ve made sure direct messages (DMs) are enabled for your community account, so if you want to discuss this privately please feel free send a DM to any of our support team.