Cant update expired domain

my domain expired on Expired on Jun 7 (2 months ago)

and everytime i want to renew im unable, unfortunately this is my main portfolio and now i’m forced to use the .netlify extenstion which defines the reason why i bought a custom domain in the first place.

is there a way to get the domain back fast?

netlify site name :
custom domain:
error message: unable to update auto renewal

thank you

Hi @fai9al7dad :wave: is currently in the redemptionPeriod state.

When a domain expires it goes into a state whereby you cannot renew it automatically. Netlify (via Name) can retrieve, renew, and reactivate a domain. You may need to pay extra fees for this.

It is possible (given the time since expiry) the domain will soon become freely registrable again.

Hi, @fai9al7dad. There are two options at this point.


  • We can attempt to renew the domain while in the redemption period which will be an additional $100 for the one year renewal ($116.99 total) if successful.


  • You can wait for the domain to become deleted by the registrar at which point anyone (you or anyone else) can register the domain again.

It appears to have entered the redemption period on 2022-07-21. As it takes 35 days for the domain to be delete when this happens, by best guess is that the domain will be available again on 2022-08-25.

Note, if we process the renewal, it will only reactivate the domain until anniversary of the domain registration (which would be 2023-06-07). While this would be a “yearly renewal” as it extends the registration by one year, you would not receive a full year of use as the renewal has been delayed so long.

On the other hand, if you register it again after it is deleted, you would receive a full year of use at that time.

​Please let us know if there are any questions or if you would like to attempt the restoration while in the redemption period.

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