Unable to set up alias with domain


I have set up my build on my netlify domain at https://iiicrusoe.netlify.app/

I have my custom domain which is http://iiicrusoe.io/ which is registered with Network Solutions.

I have set up an alias for my custom domain pointing to the nettlify.app subdomain but after a couple of days it is still showing the parked page from Network Solutions.

Thanks in advance for any help.

I’d suggest checking that you have configured the Netlify name servers at Network Solutions. If they’re still showing a parked page, that means we haven’t entered the equation yet! :frowning_face:

Do you mean under my Domain Management page for my actual domain name click Options -> Set up Netlify DNS and put those DNS records in my DNS records under Network Solutions? I thought that was only if you were having Netlify manage the domain.

If you’re not using Netlify DNS, you’ll need to give this doc a look :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delayed reply. We have set up our domain as per that document and after more than a week it is still not pointing to our page.

Hey there,

The name servers for https://iiicrusoe.io are not pointing to Netlify. You’ll need to point these to us at your registrar. If you click on the error in the UI, it will provide you with the information you need :smile:!